Instructions for the family chat

First everyone needs to download the latest version of SKYPE.

You can download it at the link below.


Once you have downloaded the new version, log into Skype using your Skype name and password.

So far I have the following individuals added as my friends.

Jay  [Skype Name: djgod66]

Saravanan Kodiar [Skype Name: sara-home]

SCSen [Skype Name: scsen25]

Sham K Purusho [Skype Name: sham_k]

vdamoo [Skype Name: vdamoo]

and finally my own Skype info

bedatch [Skype Name: bedatch]

The reason I put the display name and Skype name is if anyone is downloading Skype for the first time, you will have to add everyone already on Skype using the Skype Name.

Now let's check the version to ensure that you have the latest version. This is necessary for the video chat to work.

As shown above, go to the skype window, click on help and go to About Skype. This will indicate the version as shown above on the right. Version

Once you have the correct version and you are logged in, you are ready to go.  If you are one of the names listed in red earlier, then you should see me on your friends list.  If you are new to Skype, then you should add me and all of the others as friends.

Add a friend? It's easy!!!  Just go to your Skype window and click on Tools and choose Add a contact. Then the window shown below will prompt you to add a contact.  Just put in the Skype Name on the space provided.

Once you have added all your friends, it is time to start the conference call.

When we start, we should conference call to allow everyone to touch base. One person will have to take the lead and conference everyone.  I would like to refer this to the Project Manager Mr. Vijay.

The conference chairman should follow the steps below to initiate the conference call.

On the Skype window, go to Call and select the Start Conference Call option as shown below.

Once you select the Start conference call option, then the following window will pop up.

Choose all the contacts you want on the conference call on the left and click add. This will move all of them to the right side like Saravanan.

Once this is complete, click Start.  You are now on conference call. Congratulations.

Relax man leave the dog alone!!! Video conferencing is easy!!!  Let me show you.

First, make sure you have a working webcam installed with a microphone and speakers.  The webcam should come with a CD for installation so I will not cover webcam install.  Once the webcam is installed and running, go to the link below for instructions on how to video conference.


If you have any problems feel free to log into msn chat and look for me

bedatch at hotmail dot com

Thank you and many thanks to our host today, Mr. Vijayakanth.